Thursday, May 23, 2024

Buckle Up, Rough Road Ahead!

close-up of a hand fastening a safety belt
I know things are moving fast, but I never thought we'd hit...


The previous corporation that laid claim to Lake Michigan (What does the FOX say?) with the promise of progress fell short of delivering the goods on account of realizing there was no way in the world they'd find enough workers willing to produce widgets in a zombie-like state.

Funny you mention that, I hear the "American Made" chip factory ramp up in Arizona isn't going so well.

What a relief to know it's not a state of Wisconsin thing, but an American "state of mind" thing. 

Efficiency at extreme scale doesn't come without having to give up a piece of yourself in order to get there. Maintaining it, means more pieces. Beyond that, you're talking full on DEHUMANIZER mode.

"Program the brain, not the heartbeat."

Enter our new digital savior...

Hi guys! We're buying up that vacant chattel ranch down the road. Going in a whole new direction. We're gonna weave our AI deep into the inner workings of everything operating. "This way, to technical paradise." Feed the dream machine baby!

What about workers though?


Where we're going, we don't need workers.

We got this guy, Not Sure (former Congressman & Chairman of the Select Committee on the CCP, rumored to be brokering a Palentir commitment, confirmed to be working with TitletownTech, linked with UWM and their Microsoft/OpenAI pipeline) and he's going to crank things up to ELEVEN!

Sure sounds like securing a path to victory for some sort of race, wouldn't you say?

Maybe Americans do need TikTok after all. Hustling for every last device owner's eyeball gaze could be all that's left. That, and sports. Workers need an escape from their jobs (some use the term careers) don't they? Because, like, work, can be a real drag, man.

That's not Freedom Rock!



WOAH, man, taking THAT much freedom from someone requires an equal, or greater, level of compensation, and you ain't paying THAT, man.

"Of course not, don't be ridiculous!"

That's someone else's job.

In another land.

Far, far away from here.

"So far, I just can't see."

Who really WANTS that job anyway?

We got you WISCONSIN!

Feed us your juice and we'll close loop the squeeze. "Know what I mean?"

Every last drop

And a little more

Ain't no telling

What's in store

Where we're headed

There's no way of knowing

Can't make it stop

The rowers keep on rowing 

Where the hell is this thing going?

"All aboard!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!

Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay..."


UBI, UBI, that's the answer!

It will fix everything!

For everyone!

Gettin' Paid


Sounds great, in theory, but that only works if billionaires (the gods themselves) all give something back to everyone that got them there.

Problem is, they believe they already have. That's why, they're...


Want to keep pulling the strings, then keep the hat filled. Kick some back, or keep jumping the moon. We all know doing both isn't possible, but picking one over the other sends a very clear message. There's only so many people on this planet that want to work just to consume more bullshit.

What happens when the genetically manufactured meat product someone ingests becomes a flesh eating virus that commandeers its host to continue getting more of what it needs?

Who, or should I say what, is going to put a leash on whatever that is?

It's about time the system got a rewire, don't you think?

American comedian, Gallagher, squashes a poop emoji with a large wooden mallet

Power off, POO POO HEAD!