Saturday, June 22, 2013

You need a degree to be an artist!?

I think academia has put a stranglehold on artists by treating the creative process as a scientific method, straining the purity of self expression whilst imposing an imperialistic viewpoint; subjugating imagination with vocation. You can teach anyone to draw, paint or design and they in turn will become skilled masters of their craft, but you can't teach someone how to put a face on the internal struggles human beings are known to contend with. You're able to or you're not. Everyone is born with this gift but it's usually poisoned early on or cut off at the stem. Those lucky enough to survive the uphill battle become part of the few, the proud...the creative. Not through certification but resiliency.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Upcycling: marketing ploy, movement or badge of honor?

Is that really what I've been doing all these years, upcycling? I honestly didn't know it had become something to be so proud of, nor was I aware it had a full-fledged name. To some degree crafting works out of refuse is a way of commenting on our disposable society. Yet, it's also about basic economics and common sense. Why go out and buy wood when there's plenty left over from remodeling projects? Sure, initially maybe a bit of angst was tied to it, defying the adage that fine art be made of the finest materials, but when it comes down to it, shopping for stuff people are throwing away is kinda stupid. That being said, I think there's a difference between junk that's been "upcycled" into something that still looks like junk and that which has been turned into an object that folks feel compelled to fork over a good amount of cash for. Next time you're on the hunt for something unique, ask yourself, "Is this something I desire because it's been upcycled or something I just plain desire?"