Saturday, August 19, 2017

Foxconn, Wisconsin and the rally to bring everyone together to make it all happen...but for whom?

Wisco Libre
Wisco Libre | acrylic mixed media on wood

Here's the bill summary if you'd actually like to read it for yourself instead of getting sound bites from various news sources focused on the minutiae they think will sell more advertising...

Do poke around, inform yourself...

Interesting things to note: Foxconn is the trade name for Hon Hai Precision Industry Company Ltd. and here's a list of its subsidiaries. Of course, many of them have subsidiaries of their own too.

And let's not forget that our very own Fiserv, which just bought out Monitise as well as PCLender, is poised to get $10 million if they stay anchored in Wisconsin.

So, that means Amazon, Uline and Foxconn will be huddled together; warehousing/fulfillment, packaging and manufacturing all in one place. They'll have access to not only land and air but sea via the Saint Lawrence Seaway and then there's Fiserv nestled to the north, capable of providing software development, not to mention a newly acquired product line that can expedite the lending process with the whirlwind of real estate that will be changing hands all around the city and beyond.

Now, if the Post Office would just figure out their build out plan and move...

*hint: Oak Creek may not be the one and only option for the USPS anymore, possibly a major facility tucked between the giants in Kenosha would be in order?

Maybe Fiserv will buy into the old Post Office complex or other software developers will start competing for the cheap land downtown. Can't exactly afford anything on the west coast anymore.

Where is all this money coming from for such a push? There's certainly been no shortage of deals going down. In fact, it's hard to keep track of them with so much emphasis placed on Americans not getting along with one another.

In short, we have two competing parties in this country bilking its citizens out of rational discourse while a third quietly moves the ball around, endlessly building the largest pyramid on earth no one can physically see.

The opportunity is there for all to have a share, you just have to know which way to move.

Good luck everyone.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Smiling Orange

Here it is, the Zine I created some time ago…that foretold of a brand that would grow to become the all encompassing brand of brands from which all brands are made. An ever weaving thread tying the world together, from your head to your hands, what you think shall become. Marketing, the media, technology and the like all perfectly synced to deliver anything necessary to keep engagement alive. Are we there yet? Getting real close? For crying out loud! Who knows, right?

We’d have them available at our concerts. Performing as the band with the same name of the brand, things got serious on that level as there was now a vocal component to the object model. We were essentially a live action parody of the goings on of modern culture that people could bear witness to. Branding and all that nonsense. We’d give out a demo along with the zine for people to take home.

As far as the show went, sometimes it worked out great, other times it didn’t…but it always drew intently focused faces from those that came out. A total thrill it was, locking eyes with someone while soaking the room with words and precisely timed sounds accented by choreographed gestures. What were the people attached to those faces thinking? It’s hard to say. Anyone we asked seemed to struggle with a description. It's a shame if you think about it, because anyone tasked with describing something new always feels compelled to offer a perfectly crafted summation of the amalgamation of references they associate the new experience with. What happens when the shoe doesn’t fit? What are people supposed to say then? It's gotta come from somewhere! If aficionados of any listed examples don’t agree with the correlation? Forget it, end of discussion. 

Anyhow, here it is for those that would like to check it out today, never mind it’s a decade or so old now. If you’d like your own copy, as there are a few left, go ahead and grab one from the E|store.

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