Thursday, July 13, 2023

Digital vs Analog: the "REAL" cage match!

As tech giants duke it out in a, No Holds Barred, faceoff for the EVERYTHING app (think WeChat for the US) what's truly at stake?

Digital curtains encapsulating populations, interactions brokered via firewall, scraped intelligence for sale, human existence gone meta...sounds invigorating!

Can a wrench be thrown into the ring?

Give 'em hell, Mystery Girl!

Or, is that type of move ten years too late?

Has anyone seen Google and the World Brain? It was circled "must see" in my MKE Film Festival guide for 2013. Though I never saw it released in any capacity thereafter, you can watch it here:

I still remember the moment libraries beamed with altruistic giddiness while their collections were being scanned into the digiverse for the embetterment of all.

With everything that's been zapped, and all that continues to be, what is the definition of knowledge today? Is it the whole of everything learned by a single human being or a gigantic data store to explore the depths of, guided by silicon shamans?

Hold on everyone! Who's that coming down the Danger Trail now?

By the sound of that intro...

Oh Yeah!




Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Independence Day

Let us recognize this day we told a king to eff off and celebrate our commitment to handling our own affairs. Yeah, put down those tongs for a moment and ponder why so many are eager to shack up with one today.

It's all getting really weird, IYAM. The government went 365 a while ago, still talking to the walls for adoption advice, but capable of spinning an instance for getting "their" message out if they so choose.

And, here we are, living in a time where a good chunk of people are stuck between the largest group of the population (retiring or passing on) and its closest rival (post smart) trying to, "reach their audience."

Go where for what? 


You mean, influence?

Party lines choosing conduits (Tweets vs Toks) rather than using their own, tax payer funded, live channel feed to engage the masses. Will a message be "heard" if not sought out? Unleash the algos!

If you had any idea what it's like to crack the code, you'd be raging hot too.

"Sizzling to the top!" Two Fools a Minute, David Lee Roth.

Those standing beside Twit and Tok are imbued with ideology the other abhors, neither of which people hoped to find when setting off on their journey here.

The middle is right there waiting for everyone. So jazzed, nobody will take a seat.


If ever we were looking at a choice between a giant douche and a turd sandwich, I'd say this would be it if not for the food truck a few steps away, people so enamored of "free" delivery they don't even exercise the liberty.

Longing for a country that moves in lock-step, getting things done with lightening efficiency?

Who's your daddy? Putin or Xi?

Go ahead, I hear they're giving out free one way tickets. All you gotta do is ask. The last thing we need are sales agents scamming the US out of its commission. Bye.

Peace and Love turned into Push and Shove, a stampede to the exit. No shots fired. Take a deep breath, plant your feet and stand your ground; together. It's not that hard.
"It's easy if you try." Imagine, John Lennon.
"In union we stand." Overkill.

Divided we fall!

"Don't look at me for answers." I Don't Know, Ozzy Osbourne.

Happy Independence Day!

Monday, April 3, 2023

Are you pro getting along or pro hate your neighbor? It's time to take a stand.

Here we are, on the eve of another Titan match in Wisconsin. Is this the lead-up to the major showdown on its way? Every vote cast seems more important than the last.

And so it goes...

The line is being drawn. Regimes are banding together to make the push for global domination. America's own democracy hangs in the balance as far right sympathizers would have everyone believe joining ranks with authoritarians to maintain the flow of easy money is best for business.

Businesses, however, are not people. No matter how eloquently they're purported to be on paper, they are not flesh and blood. This poses a quandary as real people feel they're left with no choice but to lash out. 

"Just a rat in a cage," Corgan sings in The Smashing Pumpkins' "Bullet with Butterfly Wings." The mechanics are as simple as a seesaw, but when applied to human life on a global construct, the playground balancing act gets far more complicated.

The only hope for world harmony is for those under autocratic rule to rise up and take control of their countries in the name of their people. The number of citizens that want that has to be larger than the number looking to exploit that want. Do it for your own sake if not for humanity's.

It's all for one and one for all on this. If you take no action to right your path, you'll continue to serve the world at a rate of return declared by your ruler. It's time to set your own rates and hang your own price tag on your self-worth. Stop doing, what achievers won't, without getting something in return. It's time to end the utility swindle and begin The Great Rewire.

Do not let the "divide and conquer" virus Scott Walker infected America with get you down. Power erodes compassion when emotional maturity reaches a robotic level.

Greed is a terrible disease. It is both addictive AND infectious, leading to a dependency the likes of which you've never seen.

Freedom is the cure!

No matter what people tell you, it isn't free, it's not cheap and it costs way more than a buck o five. Nobody even knows what the real cost of goods and services is anymore. "Oh, yes we do" you say. "We're paying it right now!" No, we're not, not even close.

The world isn't flat nor is it shaped like a funnel. Anyone that thought conditioning people to believe a dozen eggs cost .99 was a good idea must be working an angle still to be played.

Yes. America has been going through a rough patch. But, at some point, both sides will find a way to fix the mess they made rather than sitting around blaming each other for causing it and/or not doing anything about it; collecting a paycheck the entire time. Our lives depend on it. 

Politicians are elected into office by the people to work for the people, not themselves, correct?

Making money for being useless is not a job citizens should be on the hook for. If that's your spirit, join TikTok and make all kinds of money doing nothing. Dance in your underwear and let it rain!

And, if it just so happens you're so blessed to not need a single cent of it, then take the salary, match it, and feed it to the budget. Hell, add a job or two. Why not?

We need true leaders. Leaders that will put an end to the fossil fight and stop politicizing life relative to the cost of energy. It's a zero-sum game.

This isn't news, it's not a fantastic revelation. It's taught in schools around the globe. The fact that people still don't get it is mind boggling. Earth is truly shattering because people refuse to put education to good use. 

"Let the Good Times Roll" - The Cars

Take a look at America's founding documents. Craft your own constitution.

You've got this!

Go Earth!


Sunday, March 19, 2023

We need a few good FPS players!

At what point does Tony Stark feed ChatGPT the Boston D manual and let FPS fans operate live action figures?

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Head in the Clouds

Is it just me or is the world starting to resemble a day in the life of Aeon Flux? Especially, now, with all the subscription fee jabbing going on. Are those OUR archives floating overhead? Are we paying to operate digital versions of ourselves (avatars) so our analog counterparts can continue plugging the machine with quarters? Have humans developed an innate ability to digest glass overnight and I just didn't get the memo? Or, maybe the fees are simply for paid security? "Oops, sorry, all your information was scraped." Again? Guess not.

It's hard to keep track of every harebrained scheme AI is going to: solve, invoke, evoke, emote. You know? Try to find an "expert" on the matter and ask them, "Where do you see this going, exactly?" A utopian world where everyone gets along and nobody has to work, everything takes care of itself; eternal bliss. "At this stage it's hard to know." -Brad Smith (60 Minutes) Groovy.

Twitter and Meta (Instagram/Facebook) are on their own. They have yet to declare state sponsorship, candid photos meant to rouse suspicion not withstanding. Google, Microsoft and Amazon have all been awarded contracts by an ominously named geometric shape, as did a specially blended cup of Joe, to keep the lights aglow. (PBS) And, if you think about it, a portion is being funneled to the not so silent public/private partner that is (OpenAI) too.

What about TikTok though?

No, no, no, no, no, no. Don't be so judgmental. Just because its operations are based in another country with a completely different set of rules governing their society doesn't automatically spell trouble. Let's put a new frame on "History & Evolution" and give it a touch-up, shall we?

There's nothing wrong with a billion+ people playing with facial recognition filters attached to whatever personally identifiable information the app extracts. Every man, woman and child should have the opportunity to become a viral, overnight sensation, no?

BOOM! Stop sucking up all our brain goo, dude! But, not until making it across the entire country so we can get way in deep with all that goo you got. Mmmmmm. What about the other three? That's four objects that went down, including big daddy, right? (ABC NEWS) Has anyone stepped up and said, "Hey, man, that was my thingy you shot down. WTF!?" I know I'd have something to say if somebody shot down my thingy. Wouldn't you?

If you want to stay friends with your pen pals then maybe it's time to tell them to tell their Lady or Lord they're no longer the one calling the shots. Level up or leave.

Who do you want calling the shots? Anyone? No one? Say it's you, calling your own shots, how are you getting there? What's your ISP? Who you gonna call? Don't cross the streams. What goes up must come down, at some point, or what's the point? Planet hopping? Really?

Might as well give everyone hammers to knock themselves out then, because, I don't see that ride being any fun. Mobile, desktop, centralized, fedi, unless you plan on building your own Starlink equivalent, your subscription count is one.

What time is Matlock on? Huh? WHAT? Just press play.