Thursday, July 13, 2023

Digital vs Analog: the "REAL" cage match!

As tech giants duke it out in a, No Holds Barred, faceoff for the EVERYTHING app (think WeChat for the US) what's truly at stake?

Digital curtains encapsulating populations, interactions brokered via firewall, scraped intelligence for sale, human existence gone meta...sounds invigorating!

Can a wrench be thrown into the ring?

Give 'em hell, Mystery Girl!

Or, is that type of move ten years too late?

Has anyone seen Google and the World Brain? It was circled "must see" in my MKE Film Festival guide for 2013. Though I never saw it released in any capacity thereafter, you can watch it here:

I still remember the moment libraries beamed with altruistic giddiness while their collections were being scanned into the digiverse for the embetterment of all.

With everything that's been zapped, and all that continues to be, what is the definition of knowledge today? Is it the whole of everything learned by a single human being or a gigantic data store to explore the depths of, guided by silicon shamans?

Hold on everyone! Who's that coming down the Danger Trail now?

By the sound of that intro...

Oh Yeah!