Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Independence Day

Let us recognize this day we told a king to eff off and celebrate our commitment to handling our own affairs. Yeah, put down those tongs for a moment and ponder why so many are eager to shack up with one today.

It's all getting really weird, IYAM. The government went 365 a while ago, still talking to the walls for adoption advice, but capable of spinning an instance for getting "their" message out if they so choose.

And, here we are, living in a time where a good chunk of people are stuck between the largest group of the population (retiring or passing on) and its closest rival (post smart) trying to, "reach their audience."

Go where for what? 


You mean, influence?

Party lines choosing conduits (Tweets vs Toks) rather than using their own, tax payer funded, live channel feed to engage the masses. Will a message be "heard" if not sought out? Unleash the algos!

If you had any idea what it's like to crack the code, you'd be raging hot too.

"Sizzling to the top!" Two Fools a Minute, David Lee Roth.

Those standing beside Twit and Tok are imbued with ideology the other abhors, neither of which people hoped to find when setting off on their journey here.

The middle is right there waiting for everyone. So jazzed, nobody will take a seat.


If ever we were looking at a choice between a giant douche and a turd sandwich, I'd say this would be it if not for the food truck a few steps away, people so enamored of "free" delivery they don't even exercise the liberty.

Longing for a country that moves in lock-step, getting things done with lightening efficiency?

Who's your daddy? Putin or Xi?

Go ahead, I hear they're giving out free one way tickets. All you gotta do is ask. The last thing we need are sales agents scamming the US out of its commission. Bye.

Peace and Love turned into Push and Shove, a stampede to the exit. No shots fired. Take a deep breath, plant your feet and stand your ground; together. It's not that hard.
"It's easy if you try." Imagine, John Lennon.
"In union we stand." Overkill.

Divided we fall!

"Don't look at me for answers." I Don't Know, Ozzy Osbourne.

Happy Independence Day!